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Dolphin Design Mosaic Mural

Dolphin Design Mosaic Mural

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A Day in the Life.


This is a set of decorative ceramic tiles, featuring original designs by Tunisian artisans. Each mosaic tile is hand-crafted, hand-painted, and individually fired. The assembled mural is a masterpiece of ceramic tile design.  The intricate processing of these tiles makes each mural unique.

Overall dimensions are 24 inches wide x 12 inches height x 0.25 inch thick (60cm W x 30cm H). 

  • Each tile within the mural measures 6"x 6"
  • Every tile is shipped individually wrapped.
  • Easily assembled to create the full mural
  • Overall dimensions vary per design selected


  • Easy to assemble
  • Weather/frost-proof
  • Scratch/UV-resistant
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • $24



As always, cement is recommended for installation. Unlike other tile adhesives, cement does not stretch to temperature changes & keeps tiles together.

Ideal for indoor & outdoor use.

Use: Swimming pool, waterline tiles, Spa tiles, border tiles, pool trim tile, decorative mosaic tiles, hot tub mosaics.
Design styles: Italian inspiration, Spanish motifs, classic Moroccan themes, French cadre, authentic Tunisian pool tiles, Turkish art.