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Our tiles
We offer you a wide variety of accent ceramic tiles for your pool, bath tub, and Jacuzzi decor. 
  • The tiles are individually hand crafted in exotic Tunisia, Africa's Northernmost Cape, Southern Mediterranean country.
  • The tiles are glazed and fired to resist scratches and severe temperatures. 
  • Different designs and colors are offered. The patterns for sale are authentic to different regions and countries of the Mediterranean. The colors and designs reflect the influence Tunisian Art has from neighboring countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, and France.
Accent ceramic tiles from Nabeul, for Swimming pools, hot tubs, and Jacuzzi Decor.
Our artisans
  • Nabeul, is where the tiles are handcrafted.
  • Nabeul, (Neapolis, or New City) ancient battlefield for the Greek founded in the 5th Century AC and twin sister to an other Neapolis (Naples, Italy), is the Capital of the Ceramic in Tunisia.
  • Thanks to its strategic location in the Central Coast of the Mediterranean and the diversity of its agricultural produces, Nabeul has known a massive flow of immigrants from all over the Mediterranean who brought with them a know-how in agriculture development as well as in manufacturing industries.
  • Known since the Greek and Roman eras for its pottery made out of fine terra cotta, Nabeul has developed a more diversified quality of pottery with the arrival of Islam to the Region, by shifting it styles to the well-known Persian Decor (current Iran)
Ceramic  Tiles origins
Tunisian Ceramics

  • Ceramics has a favored design motif for Mosques and Palaces décor.
  • Nabeul has know three major stages in its optimization of techniques and pottery production. In a first stage, Nabeul's pottery shown strong development signs following the influence of the Renaissance Movement, born in the neighboring Italy.
  • Later on, Muslims chased from Andalusia, Spain (15th Century DC) after the conquest of Spain by the Catholics, found refuge in the Region of Nabeul and neighboring areas.
  • A last major influence on the fired pottery production took place when the Country became under French Protectorate (19-20th Century DC)
  • A dozen of Mom & Pop companies, in major part of Andalusia, Spain origins, supply about 80% of the Tunisian overall Ceramics production, consisting of : building and hardware (bathroom and kitchen decor) , decorative (ceramic murals and tiles) , and kitchenware products (dinnerware and tea sets.)
  • The increasing number of tourists visiting the region has contributed to the growth of pottery production, soliciting artisans to come out with designs to meet the "European Tastes." 
And now
Today, local authorities finance networks of schools to teach the art of pottery in order to boost supply, and support meeting the international demand for Mom and Pop factories.
Nabeul's ceramics are mainly exported to Italy, Malta, France, Greece, Spain, UK., Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Australia, Canada … and in recent years to the United States.